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Health Centre Strijpsestraat 127
5616 GM  Eindhoven

  • J.D.M. Schelfhout
  • A.A.M. v. Hintum
  • L. Derksen
  • N.A. Kessels
  • D. Rutgers

(040) 293 26 20
Press 1 for emergencies
Press 2 for repeat prescription
Press 3 for assistant

Opening hours

Monday through Friday from 8.00-17.00  

(040) 255 09 29 (During opening hours)  

Huisartsenposten Oost-Brabant
088-8765151 (Outside opening hours)  
adress:  Michelangelolaan 2 Eindhoven ( behind Catharina Hospital)

Prescription Line
(040) 256 90 35

Doctor’s consultation time
Consultations are by appointment. You can reach us all day to make an appointment. Should you wish to make an appointment for the same day, then it’s advisable to phone between 8.00 and 9.30h. The assistant will take the nature of the complaint into consideration when determining the time of the appointment.

The assistants can be reached from 8.00 to 17.00h.
In the interests of our own planning please phone in the morning for:
  • Appointments;
  • Test results;
  • House calls;
  • Telephone consultation with doctor;
  • Repeat prescriptions.

Telephone consultation with doctor
It’s also possible to speak with your doctor on the phone. For this you can make an appointment with the assistant. She will arrange with you at what time your doctor will call you back.

Repeat prescriptions
You can leave a message for repeat prescriptions on the Prescription Line 24 hours a day. If this is not possible, you can contact the assistant between 9.30 and 12.00h. In the afternoons, however, you will be connected to the Prescription Line.

Doctor’s assistant
The doctor’s assistant carries out all her tasks under the doctor’s supervision. When you make an appointment, the assistant will ask you about your complaint. She has been trained to do this, and does it to help you the best way possible. She performs a variety of tasks such as: wound care, removing stitches, freezing warts, taking blood pressure, cervical smears, urine tests and such. An appointment is necessary for the above-mentioned treatments.

Doctor’s nurse
The doctor’s nurse, under the doctor’s supervision, is engaged in, amongst other things, the care of patients with diabetes, lung diseases and heart and vascular illnesses. Appointments to see the nurse can be made through the assistant.

Urgent cases/emergencies
We are, of course, available at all times of the day for these cases. Announce your arrival, if possible, via the practice phone or the emergency line!

Locum practice
You can reach the duty doctor outside surgery hours by phoning the Huisartsenpost Oost-Brabant. This service is intended for use only in the case of complaints which are too urgent to wait until the next working day (have your insurance papers with you). Nr: 088-87605151
Before calling or visiting your GP you can check this  English website: Here you can find information about the most common health issues, when to call your GP or what you can do yourself.Information about what to expect from your GP, his/her role and other healthcare topics in the Netherlands is also available.The information on follows the guidelines of the Dutch College of General Practitioners (NHG), so it’s reliable and trustworthy.

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Zorggroep DOH wederom gecertificeerd door NPA
Geplaatst: 27 juli 2021
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DOH trakteert op ijsjes!
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Om iedereen te bedanken voor alle inzet en te vieren dat we de zomer ingaan heeft DOH afgelopen week de ijsfiets langs gestuurd bij onze praktijken.

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